3 Reasons To Love Leading Millennials 

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of millennial-bashing cliches. Do they have some annoying traits? Of course. Guess what Boomers and X-ers, we were no prize either.

For the most part I find leading millennials to be energizing and inspiring. Here's why.

  1. They are intrinsically motivated. It's not about the paycheck. They are driven by personal growth and learning. Their goals will be the reason they succeed. A good leader will frame connections between their personal goals and organizational goals.
  2. They are tenacious. Some see this trait as impatience. I see it as a mobile generation that is used to working on the go; who have the drive to move forward towards solutions as quickly as possible. A good leader will harness the drive without killing the spirit. 
  3. They are charitable. Despite the label of being self-centered, they get that they are part of a bigger picture. Donating to charities and volunteering their time is part of their DNA. They believe that the success of a business isn’t defined by finances alone, but how it has improved society. A good leader will support their desire to serve their community.

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