3 Ways to Recruit Effectively

Putting together a cohesive team is one of the most important roles of a leader. A misstep in the hiring process can cost in time, money, and morale.

An effective leader will always be in recruiting mode, devoting time each week to finding people that will be potential candidates should an opening occur. Here's three more sips that will make the most of the recruiting process.

  1. Understand your needs. The number one reason new hires don't work out is because of a disconnect between the interview and the reality of the job. Take the time to properly understand the needs of the position; this includes the company culture, the team environment, the technical skills, and the behavioral skills. Create a hiring guide for the position so all involved in the process are quite literally on the same page.
  2. Implement creative interviews. The traditional question and answer format is fine as far as it goes. Try mixing things up by including group interactions such as "speed dating" formats that allow candidates to meet the team. If the position requires strong writing skills ask the candidate to submit an essay - this also measures their follow up skills. For customer service, stage role play scenarios to measure candidates' ability to think on their feet.
  3. Don't wait for them to show up.  Passive recruiting - finding people that are not specifically looking for a job - is one of the most successful forms of hiring. Linked In is a great resource for this. Don't be shy about stealing from the competition or looking at parallel industries to find fresh faces. For hospitality hires we often look to retail and other jobs that require lots of hours on your feet facing customers. By the same token, we often see our colleagues recruited by senior living communities.


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