Current Projects

Abundant Life Christian School & Casa Hotel Celaque


Hello Honduras! It has long been a dream to plant hospitality schools in developing countries in which travel and tourism is a key element of the economy. The people at Abundant Life Christian School (ALCS) have given us the chance to begin making that dream a reality. ALCS is committed to providing bi-lingual education in rural areas of Honduras. This pilot project is two-fold. To train 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students in hospitality and tourism fundamentals and management, and to maintain an actual hotel that serves both as a training center for the students and as a place where the community can meet, eat, and celebrate. We teach the local staff English, give operational guidance and are developing their marketing strategy. As a result, Casa Hotel Celaque is quickly becoming a favorite in the city of Gracias. In a city called "Thank You," how can hospitality not flourish?

10th Grade HK practical

10th Grade HK practical 2

J Street Productions

When a group of really cool people who are pros in the event production industry decided to come together to form their own production company, they wanted to get the culture right, right from the start. They knew they wanted an organization that was more than taking orders and running gigs. They wanted a structure in which both the client and the colleagues flourish. Enter Acumennial. We provided a forum for the principals of the fledging organization to talk vision, values, mission, and strategy. And then we helped them find their voice, taking their words and their ideas and shaping relevant culture statements that wouldn't end up on a dusty shelf or on a plaque no one would read. We provided customized content for their website and "rules of the road" that shape their daily decisions. Today, J Street Productions thrives.