Why You Need An Advisory Board

Organizations have Boards of Directors; the President of the United States has a Cabinet.  Do you have your own Advisory Board?

Personal-Board-of-DirectorsFeedback is an important part of gaining self-awareness and developing your professional voice. It’s very easy to surround oneself with people who will tell you what you want to hear; but how many of us have people we can count on to tell us what we NEED to hear?

Consider the people that you go to for advice, assurance, and the all-important “reality-check.” Are those people willing to point out inconvenient truths, potential problems, and personal blind spots? More importantly, are you willing to listen to them and consider truthful answers to their hard questions? These advisors might include a mentor, a colleague, a friend, a spouse, or someone who reports to you. Choose people who will hold you accountable.

Without this clear-eyed personal feedback, you run the very high risk of sliding from self-awareness into self-deception. Share your thoughts with your Advisory Board and be ready to accept their feedback – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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