Two Words

Over Memorial Day weekend I took advantage of holiday sales to go bed shopping. After lots of browsing through lots of stores and catalogs, I finally decided on a piece from a national chain. The sales woman did not have your typical "I'm-on-commission-and-I-will-stalk-you" persona; she was available when I needed her and invisible when I did not. I selected the bed, chose the finish I preferred, made the big "footboard, no footboard" decision (no footboard) and handed over my credit card. Despite the holiday sale it was still an amount larger than my mortgage, but I knew that going in. We agreed on a delivery date and she efficiently ran the card on her handy iPad while I relaxed on a comfy leather couch. She handed me my receipt and said, "you're all set." The entire transaction took less than 30 minutes.

So why am I vaguely unsettled three days later?

Because she never said thank you.

"You're all set" -- "Here you go" -- "Have a good one" -- and the dreaded and forever banned, "No problem" are not substitutes for taking a moment and telling your customers/guests/clients that you appreciate their business.

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