Of Stone Cutters and Cathedrals

Good morning and Happy Labor Day. I've always loved this classic story of The Three Stone Cutters. ​



​Once, there were three stone cutters working together on a job. A stranger came upon the first stone cutter and asked, "What is it that you're doing?" "Cutting this stone into a perfect square block," answered the first stone cutter, continuing to focus with great care and precision.

​He came upon the second stone cutter, who was also working diligently on his pile of stones. "What are you doing?" asked the stranger, interested to see how this stone cutter would respond. The second stone cutter stopped to look at the stranger and engaged in the conversation. "I'm working here on this job to provide for my family. I have a loving wife and two wonderful children. I work hard here to make sure we have what we need and can take time to enjoy each other."

​Around the outer edge of the site, the stranger saw a third stone cutter who was squatting behind a large carved stone, but staring toward the horizon. The stranger approached this stone cutter and asked, "Pardon me. May I ask what you're working on?" "I'm building a cathedral," responded the third stone cutter without breaking his gaze toward the horizon, and into the future. "It's going to the new home for a parish that is renowned for it's financial generosity and support of the surrounding community. There will be a soup kitchen on the main level, a community garden in the courtyard, and offices for individual and family therapists. In three years, they expect to be providing services to over two thousand people a day."

​​As you read this and consider your team, ask yourself... do I have a team of stone cutters? Or are we building a cathedral?

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