End Your Day on a High Note

end of day

Much has been written about start-of-day habits that drive success. Get up early. Meditate. Prioritize. Exercise.

But what about the end of the day? Do you slam into whatever your version of 5:00pm is breathless with no exit strategy? Do you suddenly realize you missed dinner and the whole family has gone to bed?

Here’s some better ways to wrap up your day.

  1. Make an Appointment with Yourself. Reserve the last 30 minutes of your calendar for you. Don’t let your calendar be hijacked by last minute meetings and unfinished projects.
  2. Wrap Up Your Day.  Take care of anything that can be taken care of. Review your to-do list and make sure your key priorities have been addressed. If there is something that can’t be finished, make sure you follow up with anyone that might be affected and give them a status update. Finish all conversations.
  3. Get Organized. Tidy up your work area. If you’re a list maker, start a fresh list. Make sure you understand what the next day will hold so there are no ugly surprises in the morning.
  4. Create Boundaries. When your day has ended, end it. Even if you have the practice of working from home in the evening, make a decision of when the day will end. Create a ritual that will transition you from work time to personal time. Take a walk. Read a non-work related book. Unplug. And speaking of unplugging...
  5. Respect Others' Boundaries as Well. Just because you are still working at 9pmdoesn't mean your team is.  Let your team recharge their batteries as they see fit. Unless it is a​ true emergency put it on your to-do list for the morning... or learn how to set your emails to "delay send."

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