You’ve Been Served?


you've been served


Earlier this week I learned I missed jury duty. I learned this by an official summons to appear in front of a judge later this month to explain my absence. It went on to explain that I didn't appear, there would be a warrant out for my arrest. You read that right.

Cue the odyssey of transactional service.

The elements of transactional service include a

  • disengaged staff, running out the day's clock
  • a set of rules with no room for unusual circumstances
  • a confusing website with no useful contact or service information
  • lack of personal connection between customer and the service provider

It's that last one that can turn the service tide. One small act of empathic initiative transformed my transactional odyssey.

One moment of a human being telling another human being, "I care about you and I care about this outcome."


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