How to Create Seamless Accountability in Your Organization

integrityIntegrity in any organization is important. But in hospitality, this is doubly so.

Consider the amount of trust our guests put in us.

They arrive in a strange city and rely on our recommendations and suggestions. They enjoy a few drinks in our restaurants and may have fuzzy judgement. They retire to their rooms and drift off to sleep -  certainly a most vulnerable state for anyone.

As individuals and as an organization are we ensuring  we are acting with complete integrity at all times?

Said it? Do it.

When you make the decision to follow through on what you say you will do, you think differently about the commitments you make. You begin to create more meaningful and attainable deadlines - whether its getting extra towels to a room within 10 minutes or having a room ready for arrival with all special requests met. When you make a consistent effort to keep commitments, guests feel confident you can deliver the expected results. They begin to trust you. Trusting guests become loyal guests.

Missed it? Admit it.

Don't pretend it didn't happen, don't blame it on someone else. If you're the person standing in front of a disappointed guest, it doesn't matter who dropped the ball. For the guest, you are the organization and you owe an apology. Spreading this kind of accountability will do much more to create a bond with your guests than any attempt to create a happy illusion, no matter how well intentioned.

See it? Say it.

If there is an area or a circumstance that puts the organization's integrity at risk, say what needs to be said to someone who can do something about it. This contributes to an accountable environment.

Leaders, remember that for people to feel comfortable saying what needs to be said, they need an environment free from fear of retaliation. Even the most assertive person will shut up if retaliation is prominent in the culture. People who are encouraged to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said are empowered to do whatever is productively and ethically necessary to obtain results.

Focusing on these three areas creates the kind of seamless accountability that allows guests to relax and enjoy their experience while building the loyalty that sustains an organization.

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