The Leap to Love

taketheleapYou want your guests to love your hotel (or your restaurant, your shop, your school, your business...)

But you don't get to love without respect first. For hotels, it's creating an environment that is consistent and functional, with service that is attentive, discreet, and anticipatory --these are sources of respect.

If you can't earn your guests' respect, don't even bother taking the reservation (or the order, or putting out the "open" sign...)

But respect just isn't enough. Respect isn't sexy. It doesn't create chatter. It doesn't go viral. That happens when guests fall in love... when an emotional connection is made. Consistency and functionality will get you respect but stopping there will never earn you love.

Start with respect then take the leap that will get you to love. Be adventurous, be creative, be fearless.

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