When “Nothing” Happens…

work matters


A few days ago I had a really tough day. Everything I attempted was hard. It required a lot of creative problem solving, a lot of patience, and a lot of tenacity.

And no one will ever know everything I did to make sure everything went smoothly. From the perspective of my administration, my team members, my clients, and my students... "nothing" happened that day.

It's hard to stay in a team mindset when you feel like no one is noticing your contribution.

So, keep in mind... even if you don't think other people notice...  what you do matters.

Your work matters to your organization.

All of those times that "nothing" happened add up. It adds up to client loyalty. It adds up to employee retention. It adds up to a steady revenue line. It adds up to a healthy bottom line.

Your work matters to your team.

Being on a great team is more than skills, experience, knowledge, and expertise —it’s the people themselves. And if you've taken the time to build relationships, rest assured, your team knows the contribution you are making. They may not notice every "nothing".. but they know they can count on you. And they appreciate it.

Your work matters to you.

If you care about going the extra mile, then you care about what you do. While it may be difficult to see your work (possibly) ignored, it is even more difficult to have the self-realization that you are not contributing at your best level. The satisfaction of a job well done is intrinsic to most of us.

Being recognized, having your contribution called out is exciting, but it's not that important. The importance lies in the work’s intrinsic value, in being a good team player, in understanding that your contribution is important... even if there are no bells and whistles attached.

Your work matters because … work matters—to the company, to  the team, and to you.


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