Who Are Your Oswalts?




I have what's known as "rolling" veins. Here in Honduras they're called "ballerinas" in that they like to dance around and avoid the needle that is trying to take blood or administer meds. If you have a technician who is not familiar with rolling veins, the simplest blood test can be agony.

There is a man named Oswalt Acosta who works at the local clinic and it is his job to take blood. He is very very good at his job. He can find the tiniest dancer and quickly get the blood extracted with no pain, no drama. When you're in the middle of a major medical event, that kind of efficiency brings untold peace of mind.

I would imagine most of his patients don't realize what a treasure they have in Oswalt; but I certainly hope his supervisors do.

Do you know who the Oswalts of your organization are? The behind-the-scenes unsung heroes who do their jobs well, and do them so well that people don't ever have to contemplate what would have happened if something had gone wrong.

In hospitality, it’s the housekeeper who gets the room right, every time, on time. It’s the engineer arrives quickly when requested and makes the fix the first time. It’s the line cook who is consistent and takes ownership, without compromise.

Think about all the time and energy that is spent on service recovery when something goes wrong. Are you recognizing the Oswalts who make sure recovery is never an issue?

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