LeaderSips: 3 Reasons Your Career Is Stuck




Feeling stuck? Wondering why other people seem to magically find new opportunities and professional growth? You might actually be sabotaging yourself. Start off 2016 with a fresh outlook, and consider these 3 sips...

  1.  You duck a challenge - I cannot believe how many people say "no" to new opportunities. To advance in your career, embrace challenges instead of shrinking away. Not only will your skill set come out stronger as a result, your manager and other company higher-ups will see you taking the initiative.
  2. You avoid feedback - Being coachable is a big part of succeeding in any field. Rapidly take feedback well, learn from it, and implement changes. Instead of seeing feedback as criticism of your work, see it as constructive—you’ll be on the path to moving ahead quickly.
  3. You don't make the first move - I cannot tell you how many people I have seen sulk when they did not get a promotion no one knew they wanted. Make it known that you aspire for more from your job and company by putting yourself out there as someone who’s available for additional responsibility and promotion. Have a candid conversation with the powers that be... and be ready for #1 and #2 to play an important role.

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