3 2015 Leadership Books You Should Go Back and Read




It's Book Week at LeaderSips...first up, here's 3 must-reads you may have missed in 2015. Learn how to think on your feet, build a team through unconventional means, and change behavior that will last.

  1. Yes, And by Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton - What could improvisational comedy a la Second City possibly have to do with leadership? More than you would imagine. Improv is about agility in responses, making quick decisions on your feet in real-time, and bringing creativity to the stickiest of situations – skills that any leader could use more of.
  2. Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock -  The ideas the senior vice-president of Google’s people operations presents roll are powerful, often jolting you by their unconventionality, even though you can sense why they might be effective and often there is research to back them up. It starts with recruitment, where we often go wrong, and extends to many other aspects of HR and management more generally.
  3. Triggers: How Behavior Change Begins, How to Make It Meaningful, and How to Make It Last by Marshall Goldsmith - Everyone knows that one of the keys to effective leadership involves making behavioral changes so you can be the person you want to be. Doing it, however, is another matter entirely. This books tells you how.

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