3 2016 Leadership Books You Should Put On Your “To Be Read” List


You've made it through the Mother of All Mondays and 2016 is underway. There are new ideas coming down the pike and here are 3 to keep an eye out for. Find original ways to champion creativity, communicate effectively and memorably, and tackle challenges with forceful persistence.

  1. Originals by Adam Grant (February 2) This book is about how individuals can champion new ideas, leaders can fight conformity, and parents and teachers can encourage children to think differently. It might lead you to adopt some questionable habits, like procrastinating (it’s a vice for productivity, but a virtue for creativity) and hanging out with your enemies (they’re better advocates than frenemies).
  2. TED Talks by Chris Anderson (May 3) - The curator of TED has written an insightful book on public speaking, but it’s more than that. It’s a brilliant, profound look at how to communicate. If you ever plan to utter a sound, read it. It gives one hope that words can actually change the world.
  3. Grit by Angela Duckworth (May 3) - The pioneering psychologist who put grit on the map reveals how focused persistence can beat talent. This insightful, engaging read is brimming with actionable advice for managers, coaches, teachers, and parents. Tiger Moms and Lombardi Dads, stay away: the book is about cultivating sustained passion, not torturing your children so they’ll bring home trophies.

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