Welcome to Acumennial

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Why Acumennial? Because every leader - and organization - needs an assist now and then. We help you shape your culture, find your leadership voice, and develop your team.

Acumennial exists to share the expertise, insight, and acumen that only 30 years of building, leading, and developing teams can bring. Influenced by thought leaders such as Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, Patrick Lencioni, Tim Keller, John Maxwell, and Seth Godin, Acumennial believes that a spirit of generosity is a leader's greatest asset: generosity of knowledge, time, and service. To quote Patrick Lencioni:

“What clients want more than anything is to know that we’re more interested in helping them than we are in maintaining our revenue source.”

The goal of this website is to be generous with information. You'll find Acumennial's blog: LeaderSips - regular reminders of the good habits that build effective leaders and teams, links to other providers that share this same philosophy of service, resources that will inspire and educate, and downloadable training modules to help you cover some of the basics that most small businesses don't even realize they need. We hope this site becomes your go-to resource.

For a customized assist, Acumennial can help you with:

Culture Shaping: whether by design or by default, every business, school, church, club - every organization - has a unique culture. Effective leaders understand that a healthy culture needs to be nurtured every day. Acumennial will help you to shape your culture and ensure it is thoroughly integrated into the decisions that drive your daily operation.

Leadership Development: influenced by Kouzes and Posner's Leadership Challenge® and its underlying philosophy of Servant Leadership, Acumennial provides leadership development ranging from one-on-one coaching, to small group development, to large multi-day sessions. Included in these sessions are 360° reviews, behavioral assessment and understanding, and proven techniques for drawing out your "personal best."

Corporate Training: Acumennial's expertise extends to the critical areas that influence successful operations including customer service, recruitment, staff coaching and counseling, on-boarding, presentation and public speaking, new supervisor development, and more. What makes Acumennial different than off-the-shelf training modules? Your culture, your goals, and your unique concerns are woven through these topics to ensure alignment and focus. Perfect for small companies who value culture but are not ready to bring training in-house.

Hospitality Education: With over 20 years experience in hospitality sales, event management, operations, and human resources, Acumennial has a unique perspective on what it takes to raise up the next generation of hospitality professionals. Experienced in teaching high school through graduate level, Acumennial can provide consultation on curriculum, practical workshops, and developing internship and mentoring programs for school-industry partnerships.